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Transactions IV

Transactions of the Naval Dockyards Society,

Volume 4, October 2008 ISBN 978-0-9553711-3-4

Transactions of the Second, Third and Fourth Annual Conferences held 1998 at King’s College London and 1999 and 2000 at the National Maritime Museum Greenwich: Management & Construction

Editor Ray Riley


Papers presented to the Naval Dockyards Society Second Annual Conference 1998: 'At the Ringing of the Bell': dockyards, management and workforces
Philip MacDougall Reforming the dockyards. The Whig experience of 1832
Roger Morriss Benthamism in the royal dockyards and British public culture, 1750-1850

Papers presented to the Naval Dockyards Society Third Annual Conference 1999: Georgian Dockyards 1714-1837
Celia Clark Adaptive re-use and the Georgian storehouses of Portsmouth: naval storage to museum
Peter Dawson The Chatham Master Attendant’s Letter Book 1811-14
Ray Riley Whose Heritage? The case of Portsmouth Dockyard

Papers presented to the Naval Dockyards Society Fourth Annual Conference 2000: British and French Dockyards 1650-1800
Christian Buchet The development of Victualling Board bases at London, Portsmouth, Plymouth Chatham and Dover 1701-1763
Philip MacDougall Harbour navigation and moorings of naval dockyards in the Atlantic region

Residual Paper presented to the Naval Dockyards Society Fifth Annual Conference 2001: Naval Dockyards: changes in materials & technology
Edward Sargent The development of dock construction at the royal dockyards in the nineteenth century

Keywords Maritime History, Naval History, Naval Warfare, British History, Social History, Dockyard History, Whigs, Navy Civil Departments Act 1832, Royal Navy, Admiralty Board, Navy Board, Samuel Bentham, St Vincent, James Graham, 2nd Earl Grey, William Symonds, Chatham Dockyard, re-use of dockyards, naval heritage, Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth Dockyard, Victualling Board bases at Portsmouth, Plymouth, Chatham, Dover, dockyard moorings, dockyard construction.

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