Naval Dockyards Society

Exploring the civil branches of navies & their material culture

Aim & Objectives


To stimulate the production and exchange of information and research into naval dockyards and associated organisations. The Naval Dockyards Society is an international organisation which is concerned with and publishes material on naval dockyards and associated activities, including victualling, medicine, ordnance, shipbuilding, shipbreaking, coastguard stations, naval air stations, provisions and supplies; all aspects of their construction, history, archaeology, conservation, workforce, surrounding communities and family history; and all aspects of their buildings, structures and monuments relating to naval history. The Society is therefore involved closely in the terrestrial, aviation and underwater heritage of all these sites.


1 Recruit members and encourage them to exchange relevant views and information

2 Publish two newsletters a year which may include information and members’ reports of activities and issues

3 Publish annual Transactions of conference papers, related articles and book reviews

4 Organise meetings and tours of UK and overseas dockyards and connected sites.

5 Increase public awareness of historic dockyards and related sites

6 Create links with related organisations in Britain and abroad

7 Coordinate and promote new research into the topics relevant to the Aim

8 Coordinate the historical, architectural and technical expertise available within the society to enhance dockyard sites and campaign against threats of damage or the destruction of dockyards or related sites

9 Compile a dockyards bibliography and index of Transactions articles

10 Endeavour to increase access to historic dockyards and related sites

11 Create a database of the present status of historic dockyards and related sites worldwide

12 Offer assistance to those establishing dockyard heritage sites

13 Encourage the storage and collection of relevant archives and oral history interviews related to dockyard history