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The Naval Dockyards Society was inaugurated in 1996 and officially constituted in 1997 at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. The Society’s primary aim is to stimulate the production and exchange of information and research into naval dockyards and associated organisations. It runs annual themed conferences, publishes conference papers in annual Transactions; conducts annual tours to the UK and overseas sites and has carried out campaigns to preserve dockyard sites at Sheerness, Deptford, Devonport, Gibraltar and Bermuda. The NDS is supported by the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

The Naval Dockyards Society is an international organisation which is concerned with and publishes material on naval dockyards and associated activities, including victualling, medicine, ordnance, shipbuilding, shipbreaking, coastguard stations, provisions and supplies; all aspects of their construction, history, archaeology, conservation, workforce, surrounding communities and family history; and all aspects of their buildings, structures and monuments relating to naval history. The Society is therefore involved closely in the terrestrial and underwater heritage of all these sites.

You can read about its history in J D Davies (2012) ‘The Naval Dockyards Society: the first fifteen years‘ in Defence Sites: Heritage and Future C Clark and C A Brebbia (eds) Transactions on the Built Environment Wessex Institute of Technology Volume 123 pp. 3-14 ISSN 1743-3509

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