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Naval Dockyards Society (NDS) is looking for Associate Officers

We are seeking applications for this post. START date: 22 April 2023

To apply for this role, complete all the sections in NDS Associate Officer Application Form here

Closing date: 31 March 2023

The NDS 2021 AGM approved an NDS Associate Officer Scheme
To act responsibly the NDS needs people ‘ready and trained’, who have already proved their worth, from whom to select replacement officers. Their roles:

  • To shadow current officers in rotation – ‘learning on the job’.
  • To gain experience of the range of NDS activities.
  • To circulate, taking on specified mentored tasks for experience and to support officers.
  • To provide a pool of trained personnel from whom to elect a replacement officer in the event of anyone retiring and relieve some officers’ workloads in the process.

What is the NDS? – ‘Exploring the civil branches of navies and their material culture’
Founded in 1996, it has published 15 high quality journals and 2 superb newsletters a year. It completed the Navy Board Project in 2019 and has won significant gains in Sheerness and Portsmouth Dockyards. In 2020 five grants were awarded to deserving dockyard groups. Its innovative online conferences in 2020 and 2021 and planning submissions widen our audiences. We want to build a bigger and better NDS and need the best officers to do so.

For further information about the NDS see
Facebook: NavalDockyardsSociety
Twitter: @DockyardSociety
Background information:
This is an honorary (unpaid volunteer) post. It is a NDS member position, so the successful applicant will become an NDS member, and if a full-time student their membership fee and future UK travel expenses to attend committee meetings and NDS conference will be paid by the Society (overseas officers would attend via zoom). Full-time students would also be paid a small honorarium.

The successful applicant can be based anywhere globally as this is a remote role, because most NDS business is transacted online.

You can be studying or interested in virtually any topic, but education, history, sociology, maritime, built environment (architecture, civil engineering/surveying, planning), business and IT studies would be especially relevant; or be a member of a relevant volunteer organisation.

Before taking over this post the successful applicant will shadow and support Committee Members to experience the range of NDS activities and take on specified mentored tasks. Potential candidates may correspond with the Secretary. SHADOW DURATION: at least six months.

NDS officers reached positions through support from others, endorsement or opportunities to observe and learn from experienced co-workers. The successful applicant will:

  • Develop transferable skills and enhance their CV
  • Improve personal attributes of self-organisation and collaboration
  • Experience different working environments to help find the right career path
  • Network, meet new friends and boost their confidence
  • Gain practical experience in a role with examples to support job applications
  • Apply their skills to the workplace and enhance their employability

Role description
See the Associate Officer criteria, role and year duties here

Number of hours a week: probably 1-2, with more in weeks before Meetings and Conferences.

Complete and return NDS Associate Officer Application Form to

This should address your education, experience and skills, and levels of emotional intelligence arising from any appropriate cases which can be cited, which would fit you to become an NDS Associate Officer:

  • Why you’ve chosen to apply for this particular opportunity
  • What skills and experience you could bring to the role
  • Previous volunteering experience
  • One reference from someone who can testify to your responsibilities in a relevant activity (voluntary or employed).

That you could commit to be in post for 2-3 years, to build up expertise and continuity.

Examples of ancillary mentored tasks available to the trainee Associate Officer
Depending on your inclination, any of these would be beneficial to the elected post

  • Publicity
  • Bibliography updating
  • Tour assistance
  • Planning Application searching
  • Contributing IT skills to run online meetings

20 December 2023

Committee Members 2022-23

Chair: Ann Coats
Secretary: Ian Stafford
Treasurer: David Jenkins
Membership Secretary: Judith Webberley
Newsletter Editor: Richard Holme
Transactions Editor: Nicholas Blake
Print/E-publications Editor: Nicholas Blake
Webmaster: Ann Coats and Judith Webberley
Data Protection Officer: Judith Webberley
Committee Member: Celia Clark
Editorial Board: Ann Coats, Nicholas Blake

Transactions Indexer: Nicholas Blake
E-book Manager: David Jenkins

Former Chairs: Peter Dawson (1997–2001), Roger Morriss (2001–5), J. David Davies (2005–13)