Naval Dockyards Society

Exploring the civil branches of navies & their material culture

The Committee

Committee Members 2017–18

Chair: Ann Coats
Treasurer: David Jenkins
Membership Secretary: Judith Webberley
Newsletter Editor: Richard Holme
Transactions Editor: Philip MacDougall
Print/E-publications Editor: Nicholas Blake
Webmaster: Ann Coats and Judith Webberley
Tour Organiser: David Baynes
Social Media Manager: Steven Gray
Distribution Officer: David Baynes
Committee Member: Celia Clark
Editorial Board: Ann Coats, Philip MacDougall, Nicholas Blake

Navy Board Project Coordinator: Susan Lumas
Transactions Indexer: Nicholas Blake

Former Chairs: Peter Dawson (1997–2001), Roger Morriss (2001–5), J. David Davies (2005–13)